Linda Lea Designs – where the art of tattooing and micropigmentation meet making cosmetic beauty – Permanent Cosmetics by Linda Lea, APRN, ND.

In our busy lives there are meetings, luncheons, children’s soccer and other activities; church, work, and our favorite exercise. We are expected to be wives, mothers, lovers, friends with enthusiasm and finesse while always looking our best without smudged eyeliner or a spot missing from our lipstick. Whew! Who has time to check the mirror as we rush out the door to our next appointment?

When our eye tear our makeup smears or worse, runs down our cheeks. We may be experiencing an emotional situation; we may have seasonal allergies or wear contacts. We may also have other problems that make our eyes red, itchy, puffy, teary, or visual problems that interfere with trying to put our make-up on.

Those of us who have missing eyelashes or eyebrows get to draw them on every morning and re-draw them several times during the day. Even with the eyebrow hair that is there, one brow may look different from the other. Linda Lea Designs is your answer! At Linda Lea Designs, located in Oklahoma City, Linda specializes in all of your Permanent cosmetic needs. Schedule your consultation with Linda Lea today.

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