Oklahoma Regulations

Oklahoma Law and State Regulations

There is absolutely no difference between the technique of tattooing and permanent cosmetics. Some states, such as Oklahoma, have separated tattooing from permanent cosmetics in legislation. The only difference I can distinguish is that with permanent cosmetics we are redefining something that was once there. Tattooing seems to create something new like a beautiful design, picture or even portrait (and more). All other things such as technique and application are the same with tattooing and permanent cosmetics.

In the State of Oklahoma, medical micropigmentation does not include placing on the body pictures, images, numbers, signs, letters of the alphabet, or designs. Permanent cosmetics in Oklahoma means redefining something that was once there, i.e. a lip line that has faded through the aging process or no visible eyebrow shape due to eyebrow hair loss of which causes may vary.

Linda is responsible for initiating legislation to legalize the practice of permanent makeup in the State of Oklahoma. She presented the need to change the present law which stated all forms of tattooing were illegal. She then proceeded to lobby and educate the Representatives and Senators of Oklahoma to the need and benefits of permanent makeup in Oklahoma.

Since then permanent makeup has been legalized with rules and regulations written. Linda continues to work on improving legislation pertaining to permanent makeup in the State of Oklahoma.

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