Frequently Asked Questions

What is Permanent Make-Up?
It is an invasive procedure where pigment (color) is carefully applied into the dermal layer of the skin. After the healing process, make-up will not smudge, smear, or run. The colors are custom blended for a natural or make-up appearance.

Is there discomfort involved?
The sensation of Permanent Cosmetics can differ from person to person. Only healthcare professional are qualified to administer local anesthesia. Anesthesia options will be discussed during the consultation.

How is the color applied?
Color is applied with a hand held electric machine that can contain 1-20 needles. The end of the needle picks up the pigment (color).

Is it safe?
The CDC (Center for Disease Control) standards are utilized at all times. Sterilization and aseptic technique are used in the office. Most supplies are one time use (Disposable).

Is infection possible?
Any time the skin is opened, even from a minor scratch, infection is possible. However, if post care procedures are strictly observed, there should be no major complications.

How much time is involved?
The first visit is the consultation and can range from one to one and one half hours depending on how many services are desired. Two appointments for the chosen procedure(s) are scheduled at the end of the consultation. The length of these appointments will vary according to number of services.

Are there precautions that I must take before any procedure?
Only with the lips. Anyone having a history of fever blisters, cold sores, shingles, or canker sores must get a prescription for an antiviral medication. Acyclovir is one drug that helps to eliminate the possibility of the virus erupting after the procedure.

How permanent is the procedure?
Permanent Cosmetics is considered a permanent/semi-permanent process. Over a period of time, fading will occur and a maintenance visit will be necessary to maintain color. All pigments fade with time. There is a nominal charge for the maintenance visit.

I’m interested in Permanent Cosmetics. What steps do I take to get started?
Call (405) 607-6770 for your exclusive consultation appointment. At this time any additional questions will be discussed. You will fill out a complete medical history form and receive a skin test to alleviate any concerns about an allergic reaction to the pigment. We discuss the appropriate shape and color to reflect your character, facial features, and lifestyle. Pictures are taken and all Information is documented in your chart.