Education and Training

Thank you for your interest in the most experienced and trusted Oklahoma based permanent cosmetic course. Whether you desire a change in careers, or merely to enhance your current occupation by offering permanent cosmetics, my full time experience since 1995 brings years of practical information and working knowledge to share with you during this course. We will cover much more than a workbook can offer. Topics include, but are not limited to, color and color choices, placement and shapes of eyebrows, dealing with clients, practicing safe permanent makeup for you and your client, business information and strategies. Advanced classes for continuing education are offered at no charge to former students.

For those interested, a detailed list of required and optional supplies will be given to students at orientation which takes place six weeks prior to the actual first day of class. There will be much required work and practice outside of the classroom setting. There is limited space of six students in each class, so it is very important to sign up early.

If you would like to speak with former students, please contact me and I will supply you with names and telephone numbers. My classes are opened to you to come visit and observe how the class is structured and presented (please call first before dropping in).


To obtain a license and offer perform permanent cosmetic procedures in the State of Oklahoma, an individual must:

  • Enroll and successfully complete a 300-hour course approved by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.
  • Apply for and pass the Oklahoma State written and clinical licensing exam.
  • Perform procedures only in the following offices:
    • medical physician (MD)
    • dentist (DDS)
    • osteopathic physician (DO)

Each week there will be basic technique work on swine ears applying material from the appropriate chapter in the student workbook. Toward the end of the course there, the clinical portion of the program involves working with actual clients. Students must be able to correctly perform the procedures on their clients before graduating the course.



Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering the permanent cosmetic course.

  • Do you have a steady hand? Do your hands shake?
  • Do you like fine detail? Do you like painting the wall or painting all of the corners and cracks where you have to be very meticulous (ie Needlepoint)?
  • Can you sit in one place for long periods of time? Can you sit for 2 to 3 hours at a time in one spot without a break?
  • Do you work well by yourself?
  • Do you have the ability to listen to others?
  • Can you see color? Do you know the difference between cool and warm colors?
  • Do you have the ability to focus on one project for 1-3 hours at a time?
  • Can you see symmetry? Can you determine if a line is even or uneven?
  • Do you have a physicians office you will be working out of?
  • Have you worked with your hands before such as playing the piano, guitar, painting, crocheting, hairdresser, etc?
  • Do you have any hand or wrist problems or carpal tunnel?
  • Does your back hurt after sitting for a long period of time?